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Together with singer-songwriter Robin Block and animation trainee Celine van Hees, Renske wandered off from Amsterdam to the forgotten island of El Hierro to collect visual material for their music video.


Forget your plans, forget your concept and hop on the rollercoaster ride of magic. On this island, the elements rule. An experience of having close encounters with rare forest species, Sahara winds and horizontal rain.


We proudly present the music video Sway, the first single of Robin Block's debut album Comfort Zones. The song deals with the sense of out-of-placeness and the search for comfort in the most impossible environments. The video was shot completely in stop motion.


The vulcanic El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands, a little sustainable, magical place at the end of the world. We are very thankful for being able to realize the project with the residency we could do at casArte. And the car from Bamir that loyally brought the creatures and us to the misty forest day after day.


Gathering wooden signs and rusty chains at the Punto Limpio, with many thanks to our friend Emerson (who was so kind to bring us homemade jam and aguardiente to keep the spirits up). The friendly sea would wash up buoys for us, in all shapes and colors. Even the realm of spirits contributed by leaving tactile skeletons here and there for us to collect. We'd like to stress that no sea creatures were hurt during the making of this music video.


Music: Robin Block - Sway

(Art) direction: Renske Mijnheer


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